New Year – New You?

Diet starts Monday?

So, it’s that time of year again where resolutions are made and I’m sure a few people you know are planning to start their fitness goals once New Years is out of the way.

The big question is, how many of those people will see it as a life changing experience and how many will have stopped by the end of the month?

Only a VERY small percentage of people stick to their commitments and their goals. In fact, only 8% of people will stick to their New Year’s Resolutions. Are you one of these?

Why? My guess is that most people give up because they either:

·          Find their plans boring and tedious

·          Don’t see the results that they were hoping for

·          Or, they set their goals too high

People are wired to want quick fixes, and need to see results FAST (especially initially) to have the incentive to keep on track.

But, we need the right fixes, results and incentives, so that it’s healthy and we can keep the results long term.

This is easily achieved through the combination 4 key things:

·          Nutrition that isn’t boring and doesn’t seem like a ‘diet’

·          Training that’s challenging and will both work the right muscles and boost your metabolism

·          Support and motivation to keep you on track

·          SMART goals and being kept accountable to them


At we have a variety of programmes to suit, including:

·          A 28 day Online Weight Management Programme, which is guaranteed to see you drop at least one clothes size

·          A 12 week Total Transformation Programme, which is designed to break bad habits for good and make significant lifestyle changes

·          Body Fit Classes, which are a full body group workouts – with circuits, resistance bands, boxing and much more

·          Personal Training Sessions, which are tailored to you, your personal goals and resolutions.


And, if you are not sure where to start, please contact me for a quick chat and free assessment.

A New Year Resolution is for the year, not just for January!


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