My new lockdown training partner

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Paul Collins training using Pull Up Mate

So, I was really stoked to receive this little beauty today. A big shout out to Ben at Pull Up Mate for getting this to me.

As a PT/Movement Coach this is an excellent piece of equipment. Not just a portable pull up bar/frame but a versatile training aid that literally takes a matter of minutes to unpack and assemble, all you need is a bit of space and a flat surface. My clients will hate me having this.

I love training in our natural environment but sometimes it can be difficult to find something safe for clients to work from. At this moment in time this is even more of an issue with people being more concerned about what they touch. For me this is the perfect solution I can take it to the training area, set it up, get the workout done, easily clean it down pack it away and move on.

The Pull Up Mate has just opened the door for me to be able to push my clients outside their comfort zone once again. Am so looking forward to starting group training sessions again, we have just gained another station or six.

My only negative comment would be it is a little wobbly when you first start out with it but brace your core and trust it will hold you and all is good.

The Pull Up Mate is a great bit of kit to have for personal exercising too, can easily be set up in your house or garage if you are not a fan of outdoor training or its chucking it down outside. Equally you can throw it up in a small back garden to get a great bodyweight workout.

People often ask me what one bit of kit I would want if stuck on an island. My answer has always been a Kettlebell, think that has just changed.

I will only ever promote something if I think it is going to do some good and this is definitely a handy bit of gear.


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