Don't just take our word for it, here’s a few words from some of our happy clients!

“I lost 9.5lbs and 10.75 inches in just 21 days following the plan and beat my sugar cravings!  Three months later and I am still losing weight”.

- Rachel

“I have lost 19 inches in 21 days and dropped from a size 14 to a size 10. So happy, very very happy!”

- Pegi

“I have lost 18lbs in four weeks following Paul’s nutrition plan. Well chuffed!”

- Tim

“I have dropped a jean size in one month following the 21 day weight-loss plan!”

- Laura

“I have tackled my dependence on sweets and caffeine and months after the programme has finished I am still following the principles.”

- Sandra

“Before I joined the club I had lost a lot of confidence due to a four year period of severe and debilitating back pain.  I was looking for a PT for my daughter and after watching a couple of sessions I decided to give it a try myself.   I was very nervous but all the exercises were modified to suit me plus everyone was really friendly and supportive.

A year later – I have lost 4 1/2 stone and am now a runner!  As my core strength has developed, I no longer have any back/disc issues and have more flexibility, strength and endurance.  My body shape has changed and I no longer need to use walking sticks.  All my friends and family have noticed and commented on how well I look.

Having done the 21 Day plan, my whole relationship with food has changed.  I no longer comfort eat when low – instead I go for a run!  I love training outside as it helps to clear my mind.  I have carved time for myself and my family now realise how important it is to me.

I now see a much more confident version of myself.  I had been totally lost but am now very proud of how far I have come”.

- Georgia
“What you don’t realise about life is that, “You don’t know how low you’ve got until you’re are happy.”
I started the classes and in no time I loved them.  Over time I have sobbed through my press ups, shown up at class only because I said I would and regressed on occasion to the cake diet! But with Paul it’s all about moving forward, gentle encouragement when needed, pressure when he can see the time is right and occasional praise until suddenly I’m the size I was when I was 18, can run 10k and somehow am taking part in a Survival of the Fittest race like it’s the most natural thing in the world.
- Verity

A great Boxing booty .. thanks all, specially the drill seargeant, lol, we wouldn’t want it any other way.  Another great session, pushed along gently by Paul … not!! It was a tough session!  If you want a good workout come along to Paul Collins Fitness …  and give it a go!!”

- Richard

“I love the recipes from the Paul Collins Fitness 21 Day plan.  I have been using them for our family dinners and everyone is happy”

- Kate

“What an intro to boxing.  Absolutely loved it but feel my muscles may not tomorrow. Thanks team. You are all amazing x”

- Natasha

“Great PT session this morning – lots of FUN and a full body workout!

- Sarah

“Great session thank you! And yes, the sessions are fun, also painful, knackering and sweaty”.

- Chloe

“Over 21 days I lost 12lbs and 10 inches overall with 4 inches off my tummy – that’s two jean sizes!”

- Claire

“I’ve only trained with Paul for eight 1-1 PT sessions and have already lost 2 inches from my waist, 7lb in weight and beaten all the goals we set”.

- Steve

“I love the classes – really good fun and it’s great being outside.  Everybody helps each other.  I have improved my fitness and made new friends.  I am experiencing less back and knee pain as I have got stronger”.

- Olivia

“Massive tummy loss after only the first week of the plan! Happy dance!”

- Gill

“The classes are well laid out and friendly.  My endurance has improved and my form and running technique has improved too.  I recently took part in a 15km OCR race and am planning to do more!”

- Aaron