Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Are you struggling with negative body image, low self-worth, anxiety or depression, or want to include exercise in your daily routine to maintain long-term good health?

Our programmes are designed with your holistic health and fitness in mind.

We focus on long-term healthy transformation NOT quick fixes.  We want you to create new healthy habits which are achievable and manageable, making permanent changes by identifying self-defeating behaviours and breaking negative habits. Then make new habits which serve you well and you enjoy.

We believe long-term success requires a holistic and integrated approach.

For a confidential discussion of your needs and how we can help please ring Paul, a certified mental health personal trainer, on 0780 0780 039.

All programmes begin with an initial consultation and assessment including:

  • a thorough medical history
  • intrinsic biomechanics
  • physical assessment (done fully clothed)
  • exercise preferences or phobias
  • current dietary habits
  • sleeping patterns
  • lifestyle factors
  • mental health and well being.

This information is then used to create a programme specifically for your needs to achieve your goals. Depending upon your needs, this may include:

A bespoke exercise programme, taking into consideration your medical history, physical restrictions and current activity level.
Assistance with creating healthy, long-lasting habits for permanent change regarding your diet, work/life balance, regular exercise and sleep.
Accountability check-ins to make sure you are staying on track and staying motivated.
We strongly believe that ‘fitness’ has to start in the kitchen, otherwise all your efforts will under-achieve. With 20 years experience as a Chef, I can provide easy to follow recipes and shopping lists if required.

A variety of tools and equipment are used to keep each session interesting; this can also be a good way to find exercises you like. As a qualified Mental Health Exercise Coach I ensure our clients always feel welcome and safe.

We also offer 2-1 or 3-1 personal training if you want to train with your partner or a couple of friends/family members.

We recommend 2 sessions per week which are held in our studio in Stratton, Bude or outside on our training field.

Please give me a ring on 0780 0780 039 to discuss your particular needs.

We offer a two-week money back guarantee. If you don’t feel that the programme is right for you within the first two weeks then we will refund the entire fee. No quibbles guaranteed!