2017 goals – BE SMART

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed some well-earned time off over the holidays.

We are now approaching that traditional time where many people start to reflect on the past 12 months and begin putting plans in place for what they’d like to achieve in the year ahead.

Have you started to think about some goals you would like to achieve in 2017 or some changes you’d like to make in your life?

If you have (or haven’t) then I want to share some advice with you… think SMART …

Make your goals as SPECIFIC as possible.

Make sure they are MEASUREABLE and TIME-ORIENTED.

Make sure they are ACHIEVABLE and REALISTIC.

Once you have done this I want you to ask yourself WHY?

Why is this important to you?

What would be different about you if you were able to accomplish them?

What is going to happen in your life if you don’t accomplish them?

Asking yourself these questions will help give you clarity and understanding on some of the sacrifices you are likely to have to endure to make these goals happen.

Feel free to share them with me, if you need any help in doing this then just reach out.

Best regards for 2017 and hope this will be your best year ever!

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