Detox = CRAP?

In the last post I talked about Resolutions and, as the festivities are now over, I am sure there will be many people regretting their holiday over-indulgences.

Our bodies are great at detoxing themselves when we hit the realms of pure gluttony but, that said, our organs need a little extra help to recover and be able to function at a premium rate.

Many of the foods we eat require more nutrients than they supply to process them (known as anti-nutrients). Eaten to excess on a daily basis, these anti-nutrients can create a toxic overload and play havoc on our natural detoxification system.

Refined sugar, processed foods, smoking, alcohol, painkillers, antibiotics and pollutants from the environment, are all forms anti-nutrients. And remember, toxins that are not removed from the body are stored as fat.

Give the body a helping hand and cut back on:

  • Carbonated drinks
  • Refined sugar
  • Artificial additives (Alcohol too)
  • Processed foods

And aim to eat foods that contain anti-inflammatory agents :

    • Omega 3, from fish and flax seed oils
    • Curcumin, from the spice turmeric
  • Anthocyanins, from berries, dark sweet cherries, red grapes and purple plant foods



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