Verity’s Journey

“What you don’t realise about life is that, You don’t know how low you’ve got until you’re are happy. Life takes over, you think you are picking yourself up after every knock but you don’t quite bounce back as well, things get put on the back burner while you try to cope, day to day, kids, relationships, the never ending struggle with money. How can you look after yourself as well? Suddenly 4 years later you are just getting through the days and somehow putting on half a pound or so a month and it not mattering has turned into 3 Stone and you realise that’s the same weight as a three year old!

It hasn’t been about fitness for me, it has been about the journey back although I didn’t know it at the time. I started the classes to support Paul and Tina, but in no time I loved them, I started the lean and clean way of eating because Paul needed a case study and now I recognise how different foods make me feel. Over time I have sobbed through my press ups, shown up at class only because I said I would and regressed on occasion to the cake diet! But with Paul it’s all about moving forward, gentle encouragement when needed, pressure when he can see the time is right and occasional praise until suddenly I’m the size I was when I was 18, can run 10k and somehow am taking part in a Survival of the Fittest race like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

People I know come up to me all the time to say I look amazing or they just don’t recognise me, but it’s not purely about the weight, I don’t have an ex-wardrobe, most of my clothes are the same, although they fit and look better of course. It’s about how I feel that makes me look different. Nothing else has changed, I still have the same day to day problems that I always did, but I like myself, I have a positive attitude, I feel happy and I now have great skin. I’m me again and I look back 6 months and it’s that person I don’t recognise. I couldn’t have done it without Paul and Tina and the other Body Fit Boot Camp members, it feels more like a family than a club, there’s no competition, everyone wants the best for each other, and are genuinely pleased when someone hits another milestone for them, be it be weight, giving up the inhaler, managing an exercise or running that little but further every time”.

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