Terms & Conditions

Wherever possible we try and be as flexible as possible if personal circumstances end up interfering with your best laid training plans. However we do reserve the right to stick our terms and conditions if we do not feel we can accommodate requests.

Please respect that once a programme has been agreed with a client, those times are secured each week.  Therefore if sessions are cancelled at short notice, we are unable to fill them and therefore, have to make a charge.

FUNctional Fitness – four week block – classes are not refunded if you are unable to attend.  However holiday breaks can be agreed in advance.

FUNctional Fitness – Drop In must be booked in advance to ensure we have a place as priority is given to those members on Commitment blocks.

Personal Training block booking – Once a day and time has been agreed, this is deemed to be your slot and should be adhered to and will be forfeited if less than 24 hour re-arrangement or cancellation is not given.  Any changes to date and time are at the discretion of the Coach.  Sessions will start and finish at the agreed time. 

Any break of 12 weeks will be deemed as a forfeit of the block.

All clients MUST advise Paul Collins immediately of any changes to their health or medication and any clients with current medical conditions should seek confirmation from their GP of the suitability of the course prior to starting.