So what do I do for fun?

I like to challenge myself, find new ways to push myself out of my comfort zone, anyone can do comfortable.

Truth be told I hate running; always have done. That aside I have taken part in numerous obstacle races from 10k to 20 miles with up to 200 obstacles. Have run up and down Snowdon twice, which is 23 miles if I remember correctly and swum through freezing cold water at the bottom to add insult to injury.

Why do something you hate?

It’s all about the challenge, the fun in taking part and the friendships you make along the way.

The last four years I have taken part in Superhuman Games a mix of strength and endurance which pushes you way outside of your safe zone. At the end of the first one if you had asked me to do it again the answer would have been a flat NO … but one day later I was waiting for the tickets to go on sale and am addicted to it!

This year was different for me. Usually I do the same sex pairs but this year due to circumstances I did the individual events (first time they have been held). So many things were different which once again put me into the unknown;

  • The event was held in a different place
  • I took part as a Individual
  • My wife and daughter turned up (no pressure then)
  • Three members from my bootcamp suddenly appeared having driven two and a half hours to Bristol from Cornwall (still no pressure then?)
  • It was 24 degrees C with no escape from the sun
  • Still recovering from a shoulder injury
  • Went vegan in January so apparently would be weak and feeble with the lack of protein in my diet, after all I only eat lettuce and grass apparently.

So the variables all changed, did I survive, did I finish and achieve what I set out to do? Damn right I did.


It’s about the challenge, the challenge to see if I can overcome whatever is thrown my way. If my body can beat my brain when that oh so negative voice kicks in and says what are you playing at? You’re too old, too weak, not good enough.

Fuck you and your BS, I can and I will. Don’t want to be on the podium just want to know I can and have fun along the way.

Roll on next summer’s games and hopefully if I can pull a team together this winter too.

Bring it on, if I can so can you.

Remember I am here for you, if you want to do an event I will get you there as long as you are not scared of hard work.

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