Nutrition & Weight Management

Are you struggling with your self-worth, have a negative body image or have reached a plateau and need a different approach?

Is it time to make a change? If the answer is yes, then we can help.

With 20-years experience as a professional chef, Paul uses a combination of culinary expertise and nutrition training to offer a range of weight management plans.

The plans are simple to follow, with tasty and nutritious meals to suit your individual needs.

Whatever your goals:  weight loss or optimum sporting performance nutrition is key. 

We strongly believe that ‘fitness’ has to start in the kitchen, otherwise all your efforts will under-achieve.

Before embarking on any plan a consultation will be undertaken to ensure it is right for you.

To support you we include shopping lists, food plans, easy to follow recipes , nutritional information and above all  – motivation, guidance and support.

The plans can help you to make permanent changes by identifying self-defeating behaviours and breaking negative food habits.

All plans feature ‘real food’ so your new habits can be maintained long-term for permanent change.

Weight management or nutritional plans are offered to our fitness clients only as we believe long-term success relies on a holistic and integrated approach.

Please note that we do not share before and after photos as we take a more holistic approach to ensure clients are making life long changes not short term fixes.

To discuss a plan to suit you please ring Paul on 0780 0780 039.

Online Nutritional Coaching

Online nutritional coaching programmes.

As this is a personalised programme please ring Paul on 0780 0780 039 for a free consultation.

Price on application depending upon need