Lockdown winner

Lockdown has been tough on everyone!

To try and stay connected and sane whilst group sessions were banned, we hosted an online group for club members with a daily workout or healthy recipe to try.  We also held a daily challenge to see who could complete the challenge going all month.

At the start of the lockdown all our club members were encouraged to see themselves goals so motivation wasn’t completely lost. Lindsey set herself some goals including “coming out of lockdown without gaining weight or losing any fitness”.

She made the workout the focus of her day whilst on lockdown and posted her results daily into the private members group. 

Lindsey absolutely smashed the daily workouts, embraced the health eating recipes and annihilated the month-long challenge!  

To celebrate her success Paul presented her with a voucher from ‘Nude in Bude’ to treat herself to one of their amazing, all natural products.

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