“Before I joined the club I had lost a lot of confidence due to a four year period of severe and debilitating back pain.  I was looking for a PT for my daughter and after watching a couple of sessions I decided to give it a try myself.   I was very nervous but all the exercises were modified to suit me plus everyone was really friendly and supportive.

A year later – I have lost 4 1/2 stone and am now a runner!  As my core strength has developed, I no longer have any back/disc issues and have more flexibility, strength and endurance.  My body shape has changed and I no longer need to use walking sticks.  All my friends and family have noticed and commented on how well I look.

My whole relationship with food has changed.  I no longer comfort eat when low – instead I go for a run!  I love training outside as it helps to clear my mind.  I have carved time for myself and my family now realise how important it is to me.

I now see a much more confident version of myself.  I had been totally lost but am now very proud of how far I have come”.