Tai Chi

Paul says:  “I have enjoyed practising Tai Chi for a number of years as it has numerous health benefits including improved mental well-being and emotional balance plus helps to maintain good posture and joint mobility”.  

Tai Chi’s graceful, fluid movements allow you time to quiet the mind whilst exercising the body.

Paul was the first person in the UK to be awarded Instructor status of the Chris Crudelli Simple Tai Chi method.

Chris Crudelli is a world-renowned martial artist who has spent years travelling the world learning different martial art styles. Chris has developed a system of Tai Chi based on Yang style which is easy to learn.

Tai Chi is a gentle set of exercises which can improve well being, reduce stress and increase mobility, making it suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Proven health benefits include:

  • Improved strength, conditioning, coordination and flexibility
  • Better balance — reduces the risk of falls
  • Reduced pain & stiffness – recommended for arthritis (OA & RA) sufferers by the NHS and Harvard Health
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Greater awareness, calmness and overall sense of well being
  • The relaxing, gentle movements help to de-stress by focusing on the present with deep breathing and moving meditation — Tai Chi is   often described as ‘meditation in motion’

Tai Chi is suitable for virtually all ages and fitness levels

NB Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, group sessions are on hold for the time being.

1-1 lessons are still possible by arrangement.

Please contact Paul on 0780 0780 039 or email fit@collinsbude.plus.com

1-1 lessons are still possible by arrangement.

Tai Chi Session (Solo)
60 minutes

Individual Tai Chi Training Session.

1-1 sessions available at your home or on a beach or clifftop in Bude or at our studio!