Personal Training

Personal training may be the best solution for you if you have specific goals in mind and require an individual programme to suit your needs.  

After a thorough consultation has been undertaken, I will then design a programme to help you achieve your objectives. Sessions can be held outside in our own field or inside in our studio, your home or using the facilities available locally.

Personal training can be beneficial for many reasons:

• For beginners to start training in a safe and effective manner

• To maximise your effort in preparation for an event

• To provide structure and motivation

• To achieve planned objectives such as weight loss or building core strength

• To utilise your training time more effectively

• To overcome training and/or weight loss plateaus

1-1 Personal Training sessions can be particularly suitable for those lacking confidence and may be nervous about participating in a group activity or attending a gym.  As I use a variety of tools and equipment to keep each session interesting this can also be a good way to find exercises you like.

PT sessions can be held in my own private studio, outside enjoying the coast and countryside in Bude or at your own home*.

All of our Personal Training packages include access to complimentary free Group PT sessions to help you achieve your goals faster!

For a free no-obligation consultation please call me on 0780 0780 039.

* Travel time is charged at £10 per hour if sessions are conducted at your home.

Personal Training - Individual - 12 x 60 mins
12 x 60 minutes

12 x 60 minute PT sessions PLUS unlimited access to free Group Personal Training sessions.

Sessions can be held at your home or outside in our field or inside in our studio near Bude.

Travel time will be charged at £10 per hour.

Personal Training - Couples/Friends - 12 x 60 mins
12 x 60 minutes

12 x 60 minute PT sessions for 2 people £600.

This includes unlimited access to Group Personal Training sessions during the duration of your programme.

Travel time is charged at £10 per hour is sessions are conducted away from our field/studio.