Nutrition & Weight Management

Are you struggling with your self-worth, have a negative body image or have reached a plateau and need a different approach?

Is it time to make a change? If the answer is yes, then we can help.

With 20-years experience as a professional chef, I use a combination of culinary expertise and nutrition training to offer a range of weight management plans.

The plans are simple to follow, with tasty and nutritious meals to suit your individual needs.

Whatever your goals:  weight loss or optimum sporting performance nutrition is key. 

I strongly believe that ‘fitness’ has to start in the kitchen, otherwise all your efforts will under achieve.

Before embarking on any plan a consultation will be undertaken to ensure it is right for you.

To support you we include shopping lists, food plans, easy to follow recipes , nutritional information and above all  – motivation, guidance and support.

The plans can help you to make permanent changes by identifying self-defeating behaviours and breaking negative food habits.

All plans feature ‘real food’ so your new habits can be maintained long-term for permanent change.

Online nutritional coaching is available.

To discuss which plan might suit you please ring 0780 0780 039.

12 Week Total Transformation Programme
12 weeks

This programme includes:

  • An introduction meeting is for us to find out what exactly you are looking to achieve, make sure we can work together and to make sure that you are happy about moving forward with us on your
  • A thorough pre-assessment including weight, body-fat, measurements and fitness recording
  • 12 weeks of three Group Personal Training sessions a week
  • A personalised meal plan with all calories and macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates & fats) worked out perfectly for you and your specific goals. (Build lean muscle, get ripped or tone up). This is done with the foods that YOU like, built into easy to follow meal plan so that you get the best and fastest results possible! Updated monthly. Vegetarian and Vegan options available.
  • Shopping lists
  • Healthy easy-to-follow recipes for delicious ‘lean and clean meals’
  • A 1-1 monthly to set goals and monitor progress
  • Identifying and tackling self-defeating behaviours for permanent change
  • 24/7 Email Support & Coaching fast reply email support to guide you along your transformation and make sure you get the best and fastest results possible! If you have any questions regarding your plans or programs, feel free to email in at any time. This is included for all PCF 12 Week Clients.

The 12 week transformation programme can be started at any time so please contact Paul on 0780 0780 039 for a no-obligation discussion.

Committing to 3 months training with Paul Collins Fitness is for people who are truly serious about reaching their goals. Our proven system works very well, however we do need the commitment and discipline from you to make it successful.

If you stick to what we suggest, you will notice changes right away. First of all you will see how quickly your body starts to recover; those aches and pains from the first few sessions will soon start to disappear. You will then notice that your fitness levels and strength will start to improve as well as sleep and energy levels outside of training. Soon you will start noticing your body changing shape. As the weeks go on you will notice that results start to appear more obvious.

12 Weeks on track is going to be a huge achievement in itself and by the end of the 3 months you will see not only great physical changes but also mental changes. Energy levels will improve, awareness and productivity will also have a huge improvement if you stay on top of your nutrition and are constantly giving a 100% in your training sessions. We feel that this is only the starting point and hopefully this routine will now become a normal thing within your lifestyle.


Online Nutritional Coaching

Online nutritional coaching programme.

Ideal for those looking to maximise their nutritional intake for optimum performance.

As this is a personalised programme please ring Paul on 0780 0780 039 for a free consultation.

From £30