Are you struggling with your mental health, negative body image, low self-worth or experiencing issues with your mobility?

Our programmes are designed with your holistic health in mind.

A thorough assessment is conducted including:

  • medical history
  • intrinsic biomechanics physical assessment (done fully clothed)
  • exercise preferences or phobias
  • current dietary habits
  • sleeping patterns
  • mental health and well being.

This is used to create a programme specifically for your needs to achieve your goals.  Depending upon your needs, this may include:

  • A bespoke exercise programme, taking into consideration your medical history, physical restrictions and current activity level.
  • Assistance with creating healthy, long-lasting habits for permanent change regarding your diet, work/life balance, regular exercise and sleep.
  • Accountability check-ins to make sure you are staying on track and staying motivated.

We strongly believe that ‘fitness’ has to start in the kitchen, otherwise all your efforts will under-achieve.  With 20 years experience as a Chef, Paul can provide easy to follow recipes and shopping lists if required.

Our programmes are about long-term healthy transformation NOT quick fixes.  We want you to create new healthy habits which are achievable and manageable.

The plans can help you to make permanent changes by identifying self-defeating behaviours and breaking negative food habits.

We now offer a 90 day ‘Healthy body, healthy mind’ programme specifically for people who suffer from mental health issues and struggle to commit to regular exercise.  As a fully qualified Mental Health Exercise Coach, and as someone who has suffered from depression since his teens, Paul is a passionate advocate of the benefits of regular exercise for maintaining positive mental health.

Clients are supported through what can be a daunting process to start but once started exercise and health habits can be vital for maintaining a positive mental state as well as a healthy body.

We believe long-term success relies on a holistic and integrated approach.

For a confidential discussion of how we can help you please ring Paul on 0780 0780 039.