So, I was really stoked to receive this little beauty today. A big shout out to Ben at   for getting this to me.

As a PT/Movement Coach this is an excellent piece of equipment. Not just a portable pull up bar/frame but a versatile training aid that literally takes a matter of minutes to unpack and assemble, all you need is a bit of space and a flat surface. My clients will hate me having this.

I love training in our natural environment but sometimes it can be difficult to find something safe for clients to work from. At this moment in time this is even more of an issue with people being more concerned about what they touch. For me this is the perfect solution I can take it to the training area, set it up, get the workout done, easily clean it down pack it away and move on.

The has just opened the door for me to be able to push my clients outside their comfort zone once again. Am so looking forward to starting group training sessions again, we have just gained another station or six.

My only negative comment would be it is a little wobbly when you first start out with it but brace your core and trust it will hold you and all is good.

The is a great bit of kit to have for personal exercising too, can easily be set up in your house or garage if you are not a fan of outdoor training or its chucking it down outside. Equally you can throw it up in a small back garden to get a great bodyweight workout.

People often ask me what one bit of kit I would want if stuck on an island. My answer has always been a Kettlebell, think that has just changed.

I will only ever promote something if I think it is going to do some good and this is definitely a handy bit of gear.

Lockdown has been tough on everyone!

To try and stay connected and sane whilst group sessions were banned, we hosted an online group for club members with a daily workout or healthy recipe to try.  We also held a daily challenge to see who could complete the challenge going all month.

At the start of the lockdown all our club members were encouraged to see themselves goals so motivation wasn’t completely lost. Lindsey set herself some goals including “coming out of lockdown without gaining weight or losing any fitness”.

She made the workout the focus of her day whilst on lockdown and posted her results daily into the private members group. 

Lindsey absolutely smashed the daily workouts, embraced the health eating recipes and annihilated the month-long challenge!  

To celebrate her success Paul presented her with a voucher from ‘Nude in Bude’ to treat herself to one of their amazing, all natural products.

I like to challenge myself, find new ways to push myself out of my comfort zone, anyone can do comfortable.

Truth be told I hate running; always have done. That aside I have taken part in numerous obstacle races from 10k to 20 miles with up to 200 obstacles. Have run up and down Snowdon twice, which is 23 miles if I remember correctly and swum through freezing cold water at the bottom to add insult to injury.

Why do something you hate?

It’s all about the challenge, the fun in taking part and the friendships you make along the way.

The last four years I have taken part in Superhuman Games a mix of strength and endurance which pushes you way outside of your safe zone. At the end of the first one if you had asked me to do it again the answer would have been a flat NO … but one day later I was waiting for the tickets to go on sale and am addicted to it!

This year was different for me. Usually I do the same sex pairs but this year due to circumstances I did the individual events (first time they have been held). So many things were different which once again put me into the unknown;

  • The event was held in a different place
  • I took part as a Individual
  • My wife and daughter turned up (no pressure then)
  • Three members from my bootcamp suddenly appeared having driven two and a half hours to Bristol from Cornwall (still no pressure then?)
  • It was 24 degrees C with no escape from the sun
  • Still recovering from a shoulder injury
  • Went vegan in January so apparently would be weak and feeble with the lack of protein in my diet, after all I only eat lettuce and grass apparently.

So the variables all changed, did I survive, did I finish and achieve what I set out to do? Damn right I did.


It’s about the challenge, the challenge to see if I can overcome whatever is thrown my way. If my body can beat my brain when that oh so negative voice kicks in and says what are you playing at? You’re too old, too weak, not good enough.

Fuck you and your BS, I can and I will. Don’t want to be on the podium just want to know I can and have fun along the way.

Roll on next summer’s games and hopefully if I can pull a team together this winter too.

Bring it on, if I can so can you.

Remember I am here for you, if you want to do an event I will get you there as long as you are not scared of hard work.

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and enjoyed some well-earned time off over the holidays.

We are now approaching that traditional time where many people start to reflect on the past 12 months and begin putting plans in place for what they’d like to achieve in the year ahead.

Have you started to think about some goals you would like to achieve in 2017 or some changes you’d like to make in your life?

If you have (or haven’t) then I want to share some advice with you… think SMART …

Make your goals as SPECIFIC as possible.

Make sure they are MEASUREABLE and TIME-ORIENTED.

Make sure they are ACHIEVABLE and REALISTIC.

Once you have done this I want you to ask yourself WHY?

Why is this important to you?

What would be different about you if you were able to accomplish them?

What is going to happen in your life if you don’t accomplish them?

Asking yourself these questions will help give you clarity and understanding on some of the sacrifices you are likely to have to endure to make these goals happen.

Feel free to share them with me, if you need any help in doing this then just reach out.

Best regards for 2017 and hope this will be your best year ever!

We all know that nothing in life is free. There is always a cost and I don’t mean the money.

If you want to reach your goals you have to make sacrifices; you may have to give things up and work your butt off. Yes, I know it is easier for some than others but you cannot and will not get anywhere in life without putting your nose to the grindstone.

Don’t say you want to lose weight, turn up to a few fitness classes and wonder why you aren’t losing anything. Did you change your diet as you were advised too? Have you really been putting all your energy into the session when you turn up? Have you made those little changes we talked about in everyday life?

My guess, is NO?

Why the hell would you? Where is the pleasure in eating fresh fruit and veggies, lean protein and healthy fats? Why walk when you can drive? Why drink water when you can down a sugar filled fizzy drink?

God forbid you give up the fast food crap, booze, fags, the processed crisps, biscuits etc. etc. After all, life is too short – right?

However, think forward – carry on the way you are and you will not have to worry. You are what you eat after all.

Think what it must be like to enjoy those fat congested arteries with the possibility of a stroke or heart attack? Or having Type 2 diabetes and the list goes on. Am I scare mongering? No. Just saying it as it is. Your life, your choice.

You know the saying you can’t out train a poor diet. Listen to it, understand it and make small but positive changes to your diet. Be the person you want to be.

If you want to be fit, then turn up and put the work in. If you are new, injured or finding things difficult because you’re not feeling 100% all good trainers will adapt exercises for you … but turn up, dig deep and give it a go.

Spare a thought for your workout buddies: do they want to hear you constantly moaning?  Or would they rather have a positive ‘can do’ attitude alongside helping them to achieve more too? Try to train positive – it will help you focus and work harder plus it will be a lot nicer for your training partners.

You have to take it outside your comfort zone. So that means start easy, then change it up a gear. It’s all about progression; you can do it, just turn off that negative voice in your head.

How can you be a better version of you without working for it?

Be consistent: train on the days you say you are going to.

Turn up and give it 100% work.

Try and work it up to the next level, push a little bit harder.

Change that diet; no one said you can’t earn a treat meal or slice of cake. Try and pick the least processed version, or make your own, there are plenty of great cook books out there.

Walk to the shops or work when you can. Use the stairs not the lift or escalator.

Get up and move from the sofa or your desk, you can always slip in a sneaky exercise, a few squats or press ups.

Make the effort, stop with the moaning and excuses. Adopt a Positive Mental Attitude.

Be a better version of you.

New season timetable now available if you need an incentive to make a commitment to change! Or give me a ring to discuss your needs.

We all know that when you are following a strict exercise and eating plan it can get hard. There are times you want to skip the training session or fall off plan and eat that cake or chocolate bar.

To make a healthy lifestyle sustainable you have to see food differently: food is fuel, it heals, it supports the vital organs and systems within the body, and it keeps you functioning to the max. It cannot function well when you feed it crap. Therefore you need to learn to listen to your body; what your body desires to keep it fuelled and running efficiently.


You have to become mindful of what you are putting inside your body by tracking your daily food and liquid intake.

  • Write down each meal you eat, what was in it, when you ate it, were you hungry/ full both before and after you ate?
  • Did you have any feelings beforehand e.g. did you have a headache, an energy dip or spike, bloated stomach or feeling tired etc.
  • Do this for a week; no two days are ever the same.
  • Take note of any anomalies, if you had headaches when were they? How were your energy levels at certain points in the day?
  • Make sure you track your fluid intake too, this can have a huge impact on eating habits and body functions.

Once you have reviewed the diary then look at what you want to change.  Make a list of short term goals (set 3-4 specific and easily attainable targets you can do over the space of a month). Start off small to reach your main goal.

Food tracking will increase your awareness of the foods you eat. Increasing this awareness will make you view food differently thus enabling you to enjoy and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Of course we all deserve a little treat now and again but try not to always base it around food. Does it really have to be a sweet treat?

Why not lose those pounds, turn around the unhealthy eating habits, turn up for your PT session or your fitness class and then reward yourself with something non-food that will make you feel good? Treat yourself to a new outfit, a hair cut, try a new activity or a weekend spa break with your loved one or friends, anything but the greasy burger and fries or the sugary dessert.

If you would like more detailed guidance we have a range of programmes which could help you achieve your goals. See for further information.Paul Collins Fitness superfood salad at Mordros Bude

Paul Collins Fitness at Tuff Enuff 260915 start

When it comes to getting ready for race day or an event you need to be topping up Glycogen and hydration levels so as not to end up hitting the wall or getting cramps.

I tend to drink fluids throughout the day aiming for 2-3 litres of water (herbal/green teas included) if you are a coffee drinker then no more than 2 cups. You are aiming to have your pee a straw colour or clear.

My preference is to eat carbohydrates that are low GI so sweet potatoes are good and porridge or brown rice. Try to avoid fatty foods and alcohol (which acts as a diuretic). If you can tolerate it then look at eating wholemeal pasta with the addition of fish or beans, brown rice with chicken or tofu or Jacket potato with tuna or cottage cheese. Essential mix of protein and carbohydrates.

The day before a race my eating pan might be a little like this; porridge and berries made with rice and almond milk followed by scrambled eggs, mushrooms and spinach. My snacks will be rice cakes and peanut butter or oatcakes and hummus or nut butter. A baked sweet potato for lunch with some form of protein and plenty of salad or greens. Mid afternoon snack a protein shake or homemade energy/protein bar. Dinner might be risotto. You could eat pasta with a tomato based sauces or rice dishes (not a greasy fried rice, Indian or Chinese dish).

Come race day the focus again is on topping up the glycogen level, maintaining blood sugar and staying hydrated.

Through trial and error I prefer to have my main pre-race meal 2-4 hours before, keeping it simple with porridge and fruit made with low fat, rice or almond milk. Toast/bread with honey or jam or low fat yoghurt and fruit. For those of you that tend to get a little too nervous and feel that solid food is not going float your boat then maybe try having a meal replacement drink. Do not under any circumstances turn up with an empty stomach or you will not finish.

Two hours before try and drink 500ml fluid, not an energy drink (by which I mean the sort that give you wings etc.) but you could have a sports drink or make your own version. 15-30 minutes before take on board between 125 and 250ml of liquid. If you intend to have a coffee drink at least 30-60 minutes before hand.

One hour before the event have a smoothie, yoghurt drink, fruit, an energy bar, dried apricots or rice pudding.

At the end of the race be sure to take on board a recovery food/drink, can be a sports drink or protein shake. You could have flapjacks, granola or energy bars (try and make your own), fresh fruit, a sandwich roll or bagel with meat, fish, egg or cheese, or dried fruits and nuts.

To summarise for race day;

Low GI carbs, low fat, low protein, low to moderate fibre, not too bulky or filling, not salty or spicy, easy to digest. Keep it wholesome and real.

Fuel up well and you will have a good race. Neglect this and you will be cold and miserable and want to give up before you have even started.

protein, oats, pancake

This is a nice, easy pancake recipe for whenever you want a little treat or as a high-protein option for pancake day.

Protein pancakes

3 whole eggs

2 egg whites

1 scoop whey protein powder

1 ripe banana

1/3 cup oats

½ tsp cinnamon

1/2 cup buckwheat flour

1 tsp baking powder

Simply put all ingredients into a blender and mix. You may need to add a little water if the consistency is too thick (this will depend on your protein powder).

Ladle into a warm pan with a little coconut oil.

Cook on one side until bubbles start to appear then flip over and continue cooking, you want a golden brown colour to the pancake.

Serve and eat straight away with fresh berries and Greek yoghurt or sliced banana and a drizzle of melted dark chocolate or maple syrup.